What is Brand Personality and the different ways to Build it : Brand building basics

Brand personality is an important element of branding as it helps to differentiate one brand from competing in the same category. It is basically a set of human characteristics associated with a brand. 

Brand personality helps in building a sustainable competitive advantage where, an organization can build it by using one or a combination of the following ways :

1. User Imagery :

This consists of a user using the brand. The use of celebrities to endorse or promote a brand associates their personality with the brand. Consumers can easily relate to their celeb icons and this helps them in developing a brand personality.

A simple example can be of Lionel Messi doing an advertising campaign to promote Puma products.

2. Symbols :

Organizations use symbols to develop their brand personality. These symbols can be logos, icons, mascots, color combinations or anything else which can help associate and create a recognizable image in the minds of the customers.

McDonald’s mascot is now recognized all over the world by consumers which has given a unique identifiable personality to the brand.

3. Country of Origin :

This factor can play a huge role in giving the brand a personality. Organizations leverage where their products or services are from to highlight the quality and service aspect of it. This helps in brand recall in the long term since an association is already being made.

Swiss watches or Swiss knives are the examples which we have seen which specifically name the country of origin.

4. Sponsorships :

Brand’s through their sponsorship efforts construct a brand personality. We see many big brands sponsoring major world events and shows so that ultimately that association can happen and of course the visibility factor comes into play where millions of people watch that particular event.

Here we can take the example of Emirates Airlines sponsoring a major football league or Rolex sponsoring Tennis tournaments.

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