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About & Terms

Hello all! This is Shrish Hardas from India!

Welcome to ‘Knowcusp’ where I share some of the most amazing and interesting thoughts and ideas from across the globe and try to convey them in the most simplest of all the forms. Here, on this website, you will find some of my experiences and observations, all which I have learned or observed as a part of my journey which completely changed my perspective on various aspects of nature, such as life and humans.

My motto here is “Capturing the world around”. This is done with proper supplementation of facts and figures from recognized sources of information to share and openly discuss about a few issues of the society we all live in and simultaneously update all with the current happenings.

I also write about Business, Education, Technology, Science and Economics and like to share about how these domains influence our lives on a daily basis. As a certified Digital Marketer and a Content Writer, I often do write about tips, tricks and workings of the world of social media, technology and internet and try to educate about those in the best possible manner.

This blog can also be considered as a collection of my Technical and Creative writing work where I have covered a broad range of topics which mainly comprise of Business, Philosophy, Sciences and Arts to ultimately know, educate and share the knowledge around us.

It is an absolute pleasure that you have visited this site and thus hope that you will enjoy, like and share the content being presented.

Terms & Legal:

Any media or photograph used on this blog is taken from free stock photography sites like Unsplash or Pexels. If you want to use any of those materials then please contact the respective owners and download from the respective websites by seeking their permission.

All the written content which you will find on this website is © Copyright Protected and thus no reuse, modification or distribution in any format should be done without taking appropriate permission from the author.

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