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A list of some good FREE resources to learn about Finance and Investing!

I have been referring to Investopedia for a long time since I became interested in learning about finance and stock markets in general.

According to my research, there is no website/blog which beats what Investopedia has to offer because the depth and quality of the material is really uncomparable.

But then, here are a few good resources to learn about the allied fields which may not be considered as alternatives to Investopedia but will surely help one gain insights:

  1. Livemint – A very good resource to stay updated and learn about a variety of finance and investment related topics.
  2. Yahoo finance – Reliable information from different sources.
  3. Reuters – Finance related news and information.
  4. Zerodha – Markets, trading and Investments simplified.
  5. YouTube Channels by – Warrior Trading, Timothy Sykes, Sasha Evdakov, Ricky Gutierrez
  6. Free e-books for in-depth knowledge of the subject matter

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