Astrology is a scientific method which goes beyond mere ‘predictions’

Astrology is a scientific process and has a base as to why planetary movements and the celestial bodies can have an impact on our lives. Especially in countries like India, this method has been used for thousands of years to understand and even predict the human behavior in a detailed manner.

We as humans are very tiny in front of these bodies which do not have a life of their own. This doesn’t mean that they do not affect anything within us. Everything which falls in the box of cause and effect, affects our physical world. Even the slightest of the happenings in outer space can affect us to a large extent which could result in something good or bad according to our beliefs.

Thus, the spiritual knowledge comes into picture here which states that, humans have always a choice to act wisely and consciously in such situations which will ultimately help reduce those effects. Astrology is a very powerful tool, a branch of knowledge in itself, which if understood rightly has the potential to reveal a lot many things about the existence and factors revolving around it. It doesn’t always mean predicting in a certain fashion, but there are multiple aspects to it which need a deeper level of understanding and should be practiced with caution.

But again, a tool in the hands of a monkey can only turn into a weapon which has made astrology into a joke since now anyone is claiming that they can predict the future. Beware of such folks who try to lure you away in the name of astrology and try to know and understand before claiming anything since we humans always have a choice.

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