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How does one avoid spending time on social media while working from home?

Today with the advent of new types of social networks and their constant updates available within a touch, our ability to stay focused on the tasks at hand has drastically gone down.

One of the most practical ways to reduce your social media consumption during work is to completely turn off all the notification of these apps from the notifications settings menu. This will mean that even if you have the apps on your phone, you will not be constantly buzzed by those and you will be able to stay put to your work in a better manner. Also it means that you can check the messages once you are done with your work.

Another way is to download a screen time monitoring app for your smartphone which will remind you of the amount of time being spent on these apps and will thus help to restrict the usage.

One last way is to just keep the texting apps like WhatsApp on your phone, add maybe add Instagram to it, and uninstall all the others and use them from your laptop. This will help you to get rid of the social media checking for a long period of time. Mobile apps are designed to be addictive and are very easy to be accessed than the browser based ones. One of the features is infinite scrolling which traps you into this loop of posts on these apps.

Remove all the unnecessary clutter and apps from your phone and do the same with your work laptop/pc so that you will be able to have a better control over surfing social media and not get distracted while working as well.

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