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What do the Indian texts, scriptures and cultural symbols really mean or contain? Do they support science?

People usually ask about the Indian scriptures and the sayings which are written in them and if any of them are ‘disagreed’ by science, then I would say, until this point of time there are none, as we can say that science is way behind to agree them since the scientific processes work on proofs and real life experimentation to come to conclusions.

The great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan wrote around 4000 formulae in a life span of 32 years, where now many of his formulae are directly (without any proof) applied in the field of astronomy, and every scientist has agreed to apply those ‘as they are’. Many are still a mystery and still questions arise as to how they were formed in his mind! He used to say that his goddess ‘Namagiri’ tells him and that those theorems and equations just appeared in front of him.

Do you know that from a long time ago, we call geography as ‘Bhugol’ in India? Where ‘Bhu’ means Earth and ‘Gol’ means Circular. That means we knew from thousands of years that the earth is round but this fact was proved just 300–400 yrs ago. We also knew that everything is made up of very tiny particles which later by innumerable and expensive experiments were proved which we call as ‘atoms’. In many books by saints through their experiences and a deep Sadhana (a form of meditation) it is written that inside ‘Anu’ (atom) there is ‘power’ a certain ‘shakti’, what we now call as the ‘God particle’ which was discovered after spending trillions of dollars in this century. We have even calculated the spin quantum numbers and number of shells and orbits in an atom (with mathematical proofs in some ancient textbooks called Vedantas), the energy equation of Einstein, we also knew of anti gravity and how to harness it thousands of years ago. Many of the scientific perspectives are mentioned in the Buddhist texts as well. 

‘Swami Vivekananda’ has himself explained to us all the ultimate power of meditation and how it can help us connect with and experience the cosmic powers. Recently NASA tried to match the frequencies of ‘om’ and the sun’s sound and believe it or not, it sounded the same and matched with the frequency as well.

Many concepts which are a part of the Indian culture are now being accepted by scientists which are ‘easier’ for them to understand. But some, my friends, will require us to travel at the speed of light, some will make us wonder about our own existence, some will fall short of money to be proved and some will require life times thus making it an overall non affordable venture. Research papers are now being published and patents are being filed on the intense medicinal uses of some of the herbs found in India and mainly turmeric, which contains Bioactive compounds with powerful Medicinal properties which Indians use to apply whenever there is an injury.

Now, I know this all is really difficult to digest, but if you will go deeper and read about these things, at least the ‘Bhagvat Geeta’, and try to understand it properly without any filter, then you will be able know a very tiny portion of what these people knew. Ignorance’ will destroy whatever knowledge we have been blessed with. So even if some things are just said, they are said because of a reason and that reason is ultimately supported by science or say science supports that reason. We have our own questioning powers and intelligence to gauge the differences and that power should be used to the fullest of its possibilities to understand these concepts.

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