The scientific education is going in the wrong way. Take a bit of time to understand what Scientific Thinking really means!

In the times of ‘rush and proofs’, have we ever gone deep enough to understand what science really is? I doubt, as only a few will raise their hands on asking this question.

I am really disturbed about the fact that a subject like mathematics or physics, which being so deep in the meaning, are taught in the most lamest and the least interesting manners of all, such that we cannot fully understand the power and effect it has on our lives. We just take the fact for granted that a few equations can solve a problem and think that that’s all it can do. But the people who were involved, called it a ‘piece of art’ and made it look and feel artistic, which is how according to me real science should be kept without making it a barrier to actually understand nature, to solve a problem and to view it as just a simple form to explain the functioning of the universe.

“Carl Sagan with his words of wisdom and his methods,which will make you fall in love with science!!”

Today, science has just become about exams and papers. It’s important upto a certain extent, but just as a qualification and nothing more than that. Thus instead of using it as a tool, we are making it a weapon. A weapon which creates fear from the age of 6 that mathematics is hard, and that it is just playing a role to obstruct the path of really knowing the truth. I am not saying that everyone should be a scientist, but that, we all already are! Our curious wandering minds work like that of a scientist on every turn, though it doesn’t have the core elements of following the process which should not be considered as a grading criteria per-se. A more focused approach for those who truly are interested in these fields should be formulated to bring out the necessary potential.

The curious and self taught minds had a perspective to look at nature as ‘it is’ and then to question once fully understood by the mind. But today it is all reverse. We never really take the time to understand the vastness of each and every aspect of nature to its fullest. I am afraid that this will never result in satisfaction of learning and will create a habit of just reading the stuff and never really understanding the material.

Here, I would like to talk about the greatest mathematicians of all time, Srinivasa Ramanujan, who can never be understood to his full extent, as his works are beyond the scientific insights and happenings of the normal human capacity. The magical language and the mysteries of mathematics in his works portrays a relentless behavior of an ‘artist’ who painted a portrait in his thoughts and thus never really felt a need to have a proof about. Does a painting need a proof? We view it as it is as we know that it is a part of our reality. There’s no need to convince ourselves or to give an explanation that a painting has been constructed in a certain manner or that a certain type of process has to be used to arrive at the final result.

Thus the ultimate difference lies between ‘knowing and believing’. Science is all about ‘knowing’, and all the great minds tried to convey this simple message through their works, but alas, the human mind made it more complicated and used it as an egoistic mindset to destroy creativity, curiosity and the nature to just simply experience and practice it. Hope the processes and methods change for the future generations.

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