The funny side of Indian relatives and relations!

India has its own wonderful history in terms of maintaining good and healthy relationships and much of the culture is still being followed and in these relations, you can still feel that warmth and comfort of your loved ones.

When it comes to maintaining relations, our country comes first as our relatives have a special bond of love, care and responsibility same as our parents have with us. The above statement includes stuff like interfering in our lives without any reason or with a reason like calling for how our ‘studies’ are going, then to wish us ‘luck’ for our exams, then on the result day (ahh!..finally you become a star), then on admission day (your stardom gets sky high)… and the most funny part is the involvement of our family members in the process of getting married, is like ‘becoming an astronaut’, and the chain just goes on. But it has its own sense of innocence, is extremely funny and at the same time annoying for many young ones in the family.

Yes some things can at times seem annoying, but look, India in itself is a large community, and most here hail from middle class background who cannot afford those posh hotel get-togethers, thus hospitality and care are the only things we can provide to our guests and thus to maintain such relations, it does get a bit nosy and annoying at times but the motive is never selfish or negative.

It’s just the over caring and loving attitude which makes a little difference from within, which as humans is not acceptable to all, as it may not be as lavish as buying a new car but is surely a feeling of pride and enthusiasm as ‘a’ somebody of yours is always there for you. These little things seem distant in the western world, where children get separated from their parents at the age of 20 and thus the overall culture seems missing.

So, enjoy this affection till you are in India, otherwise someday when you will fly off abroad, it may not be affordable for you to buy such a different and a warm kind of a friendship!

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