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Top 10 things which you can do to land a job after the COVID-19 crisis (for new entrants)

The Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has affected the entire world considering its very high contagiousness. Globally, the cases are still on an exponential rise which is going to worsen the situation as far the economic and employment scenario for many is considered.

Below given are 10 things which you can do if you are just passing out from college and are going to enter the workforce in the upcoming financial year:

  1. Keep applying to various profiles
  2. Apply to various internship roles if a company is offering those
  3. Keep updating yourself and your skills
  4. Sharpen your skills by practicing and revising the stuff which will be useful for you to land a job
  5. Create a detailed portfolio website and attach it to your resume
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile, add the necessary skills and information, update it and start connecting with potential recruiters.
  7. Work on gaining some other skills which may not be directly related to your current domain to leverage yourself.
  8. Programming, learning and practicing a foreign language, designing, marketing, freelancing are some of the skills you can head towards.
  9. Stay updated about economics, finance, investing and other domains to know more about how this crisis is going to affect your industry so that you can plan your move accordingly.
  10. Lastly, keep learning, keep applying your knowledge through various online medium available and don’t be shy to grab any opportunity which strikes after this crisis gets over.

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