Why reproducing kids is bad for the planet Earth!

Read full to understand what I am intending to say.

This is not at all a personal problem rather there are bigger problems which the whole world will have to suffer if one decides to re-produce.

There is absolutely no need to procreate and the reasons given to re-produce are really shallow as compared to the problems which arise when even one human is born on the planet.

Lets first look at the reason why we have the urge to produce kids:

  • Insecurity
  • My kid will take care of me during my old age – what’s the guarantee that your kid will support you rather what are the chances that you are going to survive till 60?
  • I want to live forever so my kid will help me to continue my legacy.
  • My dreams should be fulfilled through my kid. Why? What kind of a non-sense this is?
  • I will be alone and feel lonely if I will not have a kid.

These are some of the stupid reasons being given by 99.9% of the parents rather according to the World Health Organization, around 50% of the kids are born unplanned.

Now I will explain why producing is dangerous to the planet earth:

  • One kid produces 56.6 tonnes per year and according to various estimates we need to bring down this number to 2 tonnes per year to save ourselves from a catastrophe. 
  • Hundreds of trees are cut down, and many animals, birds and insects are killed because you need to have sex and produce a child.
  • If you child becomes a meat consumer then congratulations, the situation is much more worsened.
  • Even if the child consumes vegetables then also it comes from organized farming which means jungles are brought down and animals are harmed.
  • We humans are bound to consume. Rather we are just designed to consume. We just cannot avoid it. The kid will demand food, electricity, water and what not which come at huge cost.
  • India already is standing at 1.4 billion people. This is not just a meme anymore but a realty which is going to haunt us all within a few decades. As an Indian myself I think its high time that we as citizens should stop any further procreation just because our physical and psychological needs are going to be met through it.
  • So stop producing kids cause we don’t have the necessary resources to sustain our greed.
  • All these accords, conferences, tree plantation drives and electric vehicle moves will become nonsensical if we still are adamant to produce kids by saying that we are eco-friendly or are a vegan family.
  • No, nothing’s going to work and this all is purely scientific if you want to read the facts, figures and proofs then a simple google search will help you understand.
  • Carbon emissions must fall to two tonnes of CO2 per person by 2050 to avoid severe global warming, but in the US and Australia emissions are currently 16 tonnes per person and in the UK seven tonnes. “That’s obviously a really big change and we wanted to show that individuals have an opportunity to be a part of that,” said Kimberly Nicholas, at Lund University in Sweden and one of the research team.
  • This is not rocket science or a thing of some other planet, rather simple 8th grade environmental science lesson where we have learn about greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and global warming and how the environmental feedback cycles work.

Lastly, even if we reproduce kids, what are we going we offer them? A planet full of corruption, pollution and garbage? Through this, I just want convey a simple message that how ignorant we all have become to serve ourselves and our happiness over what is lying in front of us.

Wisdom shall only save us now.

References :

Having children is bad for the environment, say researchers

Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

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