My top 4 all time favorite Bollywood songs which I will recommend you all to listen to!

These are the 4 of my all-time favourite Bollywood songs:

Lakshya Title Track – Lakshya

The song which perfectly captures emotions of struggle, courage and honor is always going to be at the top of my list.

Teri Mitti – Kesari

The film really is a masterpiece and this song is something which just cannot be separated once one hears cause It just enters ones heart with its deep message and lyrics which are beyond the world beautiful. Voice of B Praak captures the pain and translates it into an experience of a lifetime.

Ye Jo Desh Hai Tera – Swades

Again, a song which resonates among every Indian. One just cannot describe in words how beautiful this song is.

Kaise Muje Tum Milgayi – Ghajini

Amidst this fictional drama, there lies a pure love story which is beautifully captured by this heart-touching and deep song as Sanjay wants to win Kalpana’s love being an ordinary person and Kalpana trusts him blindly and helps him with some money as Sanjay lies that he will need to go to the village to take care of his ill mother by selling a piece of land. But alas, she just doesn’t come to know about the truth of Sanjay Singhania till the end and this still haunts us all.

This song is a completely different emotion in itself and is definitely not just another ordinary love song.

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