The ‘Gamergate’ controversy and the representation of women in Video Games.

Video games or gaming is a very hot topic of this decade and as the technology has advanced and there are hyper-realistic games being developed by many large corporations all across the world. 

This surge has led to many debates with regards to the promotion of violent behavior in the players and also how a certain type of race or gender is depicted. These controversies refer to a wide range of debates on the social effects of videogames on players and broader society. It encompasses the controversial subject of “gamergate,” in which women and people of color state that the portrayal of women in games negatively affects their experiences. This can include harassment, threats, and other forms of violence. 

GamerGate controversy in the video game industry or the “Gamergate Effect”, is an academic study examining whether online video content leads to less-positive attitudes in the real-world scenarios. Also considers controversial topics such as, in this instance, gender or sexuality; these controversial issues are discussed with the goal of fostering a critical dialogue about video games. The term has been mainly coined by journalists, academicians, and game developers.

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