Machine Learning : A phenomenon of the future with many applications!

Machine learning as we all know, is an area of science which has gained significant momentum since the last decade. Building machine-learning system and models to predict election results based on the historical voting records is something which we never would have thought to be possible.

Machine learning is also widely used in the field of medicine, where it can be used to detect and correct medical errors. Another ML application is in cyber-security and other areas involving digital technology. That, in turn, can be used to improve the quality and speed of service and security in many areas.

In addition, many of such areas which require complex problem solving and accurate predictions will rely heavily on machine learning techniques. For instance, there have been efforts to improve the efficiency of computer applications through ML. It will be much more interesting to see how the new laws and methodologies develop in this arena and whether it will truly have that impact as predicted or just be a tool to pave our ways into the future.

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