Things Don’t Happen as Planned – A Poem

Things, don’t happen as planned
we think & imagine about
the grasp on situations around
but the chain shall continue
since a variety of factors are involved

Failures & unfulfilled expectations
loom as an illusion
just to show us,
the true side of our egos

But fear not
and, don’t yet surrender
since life can take
unexpected turns!

You can always start afresh
leaving behind the circumstances,
and just adopting the memories
as they will crawl once in a while

No harm in leaving tiny battles 
for the matter, it at times
makes total sense

There’s no harm in crying,
for it shall help you realize
where to stay cautious the next time

Everything is an experience
a mere happening
not defining who you truly are
and thus, just wave at it and enjoy
since nothing can take away
from the person who you really are!

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