How Nike became a Brand : Brand identity and marketing strategies explained!

After the Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) deal ended in the year 1972, Nike’s brand identity was created as they made the shoes in the USA. 

The identity included :

  • The swoosh logo mark which was designed by a graphic design student at the University of Portland.
  • The logotype (text) was created along with the symbol to further help the brand connect with customers.
  • Both the logo mark and type were made of the same color so that they remain easily recognizable.
  • The tagline “Just Do It” formed the further brand identity.
  • Nike became equivalent to courage, honor and victory.

A culture of jogging was created in the United States during the initial years as the book called ‘Jogging’ was launched in the year 1967 by American coach Bill Bowerman. The inviolable brand identity helped Nike to further create a strong connect amongst athletes and people.

Nike soon signed high level coaches and athletes for their advertising campaigns as eventually, a huge sum of money was spent on brand positioning to create an image of the best sports brand in America. People and children could relate with each one of Nike’s ad campaigns since they showcased their role models and favorite athletic personalities wearing those shoes and feeling powerful. Here Nike perfectly leveraged the brand personality factor by connecting the sports stars with their products.

As Nike conducted more and more competitor analysis (the German brands back then), they were able to analyze and successfully place their product in front of the masses with innovative strategies which ultimately helped them stay miles ahead of their competitors. Nike understood that the game lied in tracking the consumer trends and then positioning the product accordingly.

Every time, Nike was able construct a strong visual identity with their brand guidelines, images and ad copy and thus till date, these strategies and approaches have helped them to create a positive brand image and is the reason behind their consistent success in the market.

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