Top 5 Quotes on Life & Spirituality for Today!

1. Principles of spirituality usually go in the opposite direction to those in the material world cause of the simplicity involved. They are straightforward, to the point and blunt & thus do not lure most of the people in.

2. Time is one of the greatest resource which we all have. Whatever we do but time just cannot be brought back. Its optimal usage could help keep the regrets at bay.

3. Pulling someone down is one of the biggest sins you can perform. Just stay on your path & keep working cause that’s what shall give you the ultimate peace & satisfaction.

4. There’s a certain energy within you which is compelling you to stay good to others & yourself. Keep doing good cause that’s the default setting embedded into you.

5. Never close all the doors of your life completely. Be open cause you never know when opportunities might strike.

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