Indians are spread all across the world. What binds us together?

Someone has absolutely stated it correctly that, ‘a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people’, and we witness this fact everyday around us. We as Indians are now spread all across the world, searching for new avenues to explore and reach the highest possibilities in our respective fields.

If you ask anyone about India, they will say it is a culturally rich nation with one of the most humble and loving people and a cuisine which many wish to taste. Apart from this, the intricacies offered by the Indian culture have sustained because of the central roots they hold onto, which has resulted into the cultural affection, which still resides in the hearts of Indians who are spread throughout the world. Even though our languages, attire and food changes from state to state, that cultural integrity is still alive and is reflected whenever we venture out into some different nation as well and also quickly adapt and respect its cultural thought processes and ideas.

This is hugely influenced by our culture or say the ‘Sanskaar’ which are imparted in our childhoods. Indians in different parts of the world are immensely successful but are still grounded because of these values which are embedded since our early years and are sustained throughout our lives. We celebrate every festival, recite slokas, perform marriages in a traditional way and include the foreign communities as well, whenever the community driven aspect comes into the picture.

This clearly indicates that Indian culture is still alive and that it resides in the souls and hearts, as the life teachings from the stories, music and ancient texts are being propagated to the entire world to remain with a sense of inner peace and harmony. Yes there are challenges and faults but the willingness to stay with the roots, in whichever way possible and this tradition to expand the horizons is what is making us help and develop as a strong community in every corner of the world.

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