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How Nestle’s Maggi became successful through its branding activities in its initial years

Maggie as we know is one of the most successful brands in India as far as ‘Ready to Eat’ items are considered. But how did it really achieve this level of success? Since the inception of the brand, with proper Segmentation, targeting and positioning , Maggi was able to step into the market of instant noodles as it was able to promote the concept of ‘ready to eat noodles’ in a country like India and secondly was able to established as a brand and educated the customers through this approach.

In the early 80s, since the market didn’t have any fast food options like pizzas and burgers, Maggi was able to utilize this opportunity to bring a product in the homes of customers which was quick to prepare and consisted of a taste which all Indians were already aware about. The introduction of a variety of fresh flavors which resembled the taste of Indian spices meant that Maggie was able to capture the essence of Indian Cuisine in their product. This helped them further differentiate their product from others in the market.

With catchy phrases and taglines, they were able to target housewives and children alike and made it a product of convenience i.e a food product which can be consumed during breakfast as well. 

With the overall product positioning and repetitive advertising by relating to every possible instance which an Indian experiences, Maggie was able to cater to every type of target audience. They never went and used big celebrities rather, experimented even with the promotion techniques by showcasing typical household conversations and placed their product accordingly. Even if there was stiff competition, Maggi stayed put in the Noodles market because of the relatability factor and the extensive research they did to capture the Indian market.

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