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Artificial Intelligence : We as Humans need to know where to stop!

There are significant uses of Artificial Intelligence but we as humans need to understand where to stop since with the advent of it, more and more problems have been created and will be created in the future.

Artificial Intelligence or say Machine Learning which is its sub-set, is fine if used for research purposes or to design and develop tools which will help solve the bigger problems in the medical or environmental domains.

Why do we really need Google assistance? Why Siri? Have we become that lazy that now we need a voice assistance or robots all around us which could listen to our commands and check for weather or play some song? What kind of a stupidity is this?

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful engineering tool being developed to benefit humanity. But it is being used by social media companies to make these platforms more addictive by recommending some more useless posts according to our liking so that we will be hooked onto those platforms while they will be earning huge revenues.

Technology has already caused enough damage to the world and its habitat and Artificial Intelligence is only going to help in expansion of this damage. I hope you know what kind of damage I am talking about.

Lastly I know that many will not agree with my blunt statements here, but if you look closely, there is no actual need of AI in our daily tasks.

Were we happy and satisfied before this technology? Yes we were!

Does it solve any problem? If used correctly, yes!

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