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The COVID-19 crisis has surely united India.

Imagine there is fire all around and a group of people is stuck in the middle. Now in this situation of crisis, with very less time in hand, each one of the member of the group will support each other to collectively come out of the situation since everybody wishes to survive. In such a scenario, identities will be forgotten and the only goal will be to safely escape the situation.

The Coronavirus crisis is like fire burning all around us. With the cases count exponentially rising everyday and hence, at this juncture, even the most minute of mistakes will mean suffering for everyone, thus keeping this fact in mind, we all have finally come together to fight against the crisis. The political drama has been shut down, protests have stopped, religions have united, everyone, be at any higher authority, is supporting the guidelines being laid down by the central and state governments. In order to escape the fire around, we will need to follow the procedures diligently and at the same time make sure that any kind of unnecessary panic is avoided.

Yesterday’s experience was beautiful. Everyone gathered in their balconies and chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” wth torches and diyas in their hands. It was surreal to witness a sense of togetherness in such a tough time as if it was Diwali 2.0. We all were a part of this activity which gave us some hope that yes the fight can be ultimately won.

I am really happy to witness the fact that the Janta Curfew was followed by every citizen of this country and that each one of us supported it by applauding and whistling with a deep urge to appreciate the workforce which includes the doctors, nurses, the army, the police, scientists, researchers and all the authorities in action, who are working day and night by risking their lives to protect us from this havoc and to ultimately get us all out of this situation.

If 5th of April can become successful, then 7th too shall be and the series will continue. Social distancing is one of the most crucial factors as far as containing the virus is concerned. Each step carefully taken by every citizen of our country and slowly paving the way to keep the situation under control, keeping in mind that we all are trapped and that we are our only help, is the only way to eliminate this crisis.

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