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What drives the successful people? Maybe, the mentality to contribute ‘something’ to the society!

Recently I was watching Interviews of a few CEOs from the financial and technology domains, and what was truly magical about those interviews was that, these guys are very good speakers as they are observant and so passionate about their work that they can relate and connect with our lives and thus it gets reflected in our minds in such a sense that the word ‘Success’ suddenly starts to seem like a ‘reality’ and an achievable task. In short it starts to sound simple.

What really is success? Is success really a reality for all? Or is it just a pursuit till some of us will get broke and age will come down its path and who knows we could never ever reach that stage?

Actually that’s not the case. Monetary success as we say, is one of ‘the’ known types of success and is actually more of a conditioning, not done by those who are actually wealthy but by those who are not or are in a constant rush to become wealthy.

Yes that’s right! If you go by the experiences and stories of any of the multimillionaires or say the ‘billionaires’, they are always innovating and are growing day by day, learning from their peers, employees and anyone around, enjoying the process or the ride to reach a certain goal and not just dreaming about it, and most importantly they have that mentally and attitude to contribute something towards the society which ultimately transforms into a vision to add value to everyone’s lives. Yeah of course they too are concerned about the stock markets, quarterly earnings, yearly audits and stuff but that’s just a tiny little part of their lives.

Now philosophy tells us that real success is that point of your life, when you will never look back or look into the future to have ‘something’ and will be working as if today was your last day. This statement could be true for someone and completely inaccurate for the others but according to me that ‘something’, if it is to contribute or give back to the society then be it small or big, through money or through your efforts, makes utmost sense, to live a fulfilled life.

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