Why does success seem so far in life? Or are we chasing the wrong goals?

What success really is, is not understood by most of the people around us. If for you success is buying a Mercedes, then you will never be satisfied as you will fall short from most of the people and the desire to have more after you get bored of that car will eventually follow. If your focus is on buying the car, then the fear to lose it will constantly make you weak, which you can apply in the case of life’s other dimensions as well, say for example, relationships.

You are successful right now in many things. Financial success is important but it doesn’t mean that the person really thinks he/she is successful, cause maybe they have that constant fear of power and responsibility and the worst of fears i.e of losing something or someone very close or precious.

Actual success is to achieve that goal, which once you achieve, will not take you into that wishful and dreamy world of the future nor will it take you into that regretful past, but will make you strong from the inside, and even if you lose everything after that, like even if death comes in your way, you will be free from fear and will accept it gracefully.

The constant pursuit of liberation and setting your self free will make you desperate enough to identify what’s wrong, is it really external or internal and act accordingly. A deep sense of awareness and observation is required to reach that level where you shall finally become fearless.

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