Feeling bad about failures is totally fine!

Feeling bad about failures is totally fine. As humans, we should not keep anything inside us and should just let the emotions flow, which doesn’t mean that we should be in that state for too long or make the situation worse.

If you feel like crying then cry, nothing bad in that but then you should come out, learn and revert back from the setback and move-on with the thought being, “No one in this entire world is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, maybe they don’t show or share them with us, but yes, everybody ‘living’ makes mistakes and that I am not someone special. Fine, I have made my own set of mistakes and failed badly this time, but the same mistake will not be repeated again in my entire life.”

Just crying over a failure or celebrating over some small achievement, both are extremes and will either make you weak or make you more egoistic and overconfident. So, cry if failed and celebrate if succeeded, but don’t forget to keep moving cause life’s chances are not gonna wait for you.

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