Nikhil Sharma a.k.a Mumbiker Nikhil has become an inspiration for many. A travel vlogger whose work you should not miss!

Nikhil Sharma a.k.a Mumbiker Nikhil, is a very popular vlogger from India who has now reached around 3 million plus subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a social media influencer and vlogger who now travels the world to capture its beauty in his own style.

Nikhil initially started his career as a cabin crew at Qatar Airways and worked there for a considerable amount of time after he dropped from his undergraduate degree in Hotel Management. Though the job was very rewarding and allowed him to travel the world, he felt that he needed to do something of his own to grow much more and to explore life to its fullest. Thus he quit his job as a cabin crew and landed in Mumbai where he started to vlog about his motorbike rides.

This pursuit of his made him one of the very first motovloggers (the ones who vlog while bike-riding) of India rather many in the YouTube space also claim that he is the first one to introduce the concept of motovlogging in India which if true is a pretty amazing fact in itself. Slowly as he grew his audience, he started to do longer rides which meant he literally traveled from one tip to the other of India. His vlogs are truly enjoyable cause of the quality he brings to the table. Always experimenting with a new equipment or on the story telling and presenting style are some of the factors which make him unique.

Today he stands as a successful lifestyle vlogger and influencer, as he travels the world and shows us the different aspects of his life. Even when there was a total lock-down, he still uploaded content for his fans with whatever he had at hand. You can follow him and enjoy his work as he does try to educate as well as share some valuable life lessons. I have been watching his videos from a long time now and I must say that his hardwork, love for the work and perseverance has helped him reach the heights where he is today.

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