Sundar Pichai’s commencement address for the graduating class of 2020

The Google’s boss is back with a commencement address for all those who have graduated in the year 2020. His speech stresses on staying hopeful and open minded in these times of crisis to learn new things and stay grounded at the same time.

Sundar Picha’s journey as a student from India to the CEO of one of the biggest organizations in the world is totally an inspiring one. He explains how the lack of technology back in the days in India limited the potential of many which has now been bridged with quick accessible mediums. As a masters student first time in California, he had nothing but a will to work for the betterment of others through technology and that helped him to find ways to climb the ladder of success.

This 7 minute speech of his will surely help the recent grads and young professionals to look at the brighter side and work with a hope that they shall all prevail and eventually come out of these tough times.

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