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We have to bring the Revolution – A Poem

We have to bring the revolution
to truly change & become sane
just consuming won’t help
as we are stuck in a tangled web

We can live and love
& avoid all the violence
to ourselves & the others
thus making a leap
from our immature tendencies

We have a strong grasp
of what’s over the surface
but a little pause can mean
we all can get out 
& raise the levels of consciousness

The heavens are not distant
it's just that the hells have been carved
here where we stay & thrive,
the kind of beings we are
shall sort a reasoning as to 
who we truly are!

Is life this fragile?
or do we have a purpose
the quest shall continue
till we find all the answers

We are successful
yet miserable & in pain
we are filled with romance
yet lonely & seeking to gain

We all have the potential
to break these barriers
by revolting against the entities & tendencies
which have created these illusions...

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