Top 4 Quotes on Life & Spirituality for Today!

1. The first few steps to set yourself free are always going to be the hardest and may seem futile because of the implications they may bring in the material world. But you need to know that liberation of yourself and others is the ultimate goal of life and is the essence of spirituality.

2. The concept of free will exists for only those who are not bounded by their own desires, ego and actions. To set free, you must make the necessary choices.

3. Dissolving the sense of self hurts the ego the most and thus it always wanders to hold onto something or someone. Choose wisely and think if you are satisfying your ego or setting yourself free from all the bondages. The choice will always be yours.

4. Hope that one day you shall be free and you are set towards the path of liberation. Right actions will eventually set your paths free.

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