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Singer and Musician, Palak & Palash Muchhal have completed 2200 heart surgeries through their fund raising initiative

It is always an honor and pleasure to know about those who contribute their time and resources for the betterment of the world or fight for the injustices prevailing in a society. But there are many personalities all around us who are doing their part to make sure that the ultimate chain of humanity and compassion is not broken through their extraordinary efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know about Palak Mucchal and Palash Mucchal, two of the finest musicians of the nation, who have contributed a huge portion of their earnings for the poor children of the country who are in dire need of help. Both conduct musical shows and performances all across the country and abroad and their musical geniuses have not only helped entertain thousands but it has also immensely helped to save lives of those innocent children who cannot afford to have heart surgeries done due to unfortunate, weak financial conditions of their families.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, Mahatma Gandhi’s quote very aptly applies here since Palak and Palash never really looked out for a sunny day to begin their work, whereas many of us, wait for a change to happen but never really leave our comfort zones and be a part of the change making process. Palak’s journey began in the year 1999 when she was just seven years of age, as she raised funds for the families of the soldiers martyred in the Kargil War. In the year 2000, Palak was able to support five children for their heart surgeries through a small musical event of hers with the support of her parents.

From the year 2000 to now, both have become unstoppable in their effort and cause. They have always kept pushing themselves through all the challenges whenever they have faced with and its because of their compassion, persistence and unconditional love that they have today cured and saved over 2200 children. Their work has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book, a record which will always remember them as the true citizens of humanity.

Palak is an Indian playback singer who has reached almost every household of the country through her playback singing and is of the topmost female singers of India. Palash has been recognized for his compositions for various TV Shows and Bollywood movies and is one of the youngest music composers.

In a singing reality show, when Bollywood actor Salman Khan asked Palak if she is saving any income for herself, she replied, “Duaye hi Kafi Hai” (Blessings are enough). In the end, we all can hope that both Palak and Palash Mucchal reach greater heights in their careers so that they can continue with this extraordinary work and further inspire many.


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One Reply to “Singer and Musician, Palak & Palash Muchhal have completed 2200 heart surgeries through their fund raising initiative”

  1. 🙏🙏 प्रणाम 🙏🙏 दीदी जी… मेरा नाम – राहुल गुप्ता,, मैं उत्तरप्रदेश के बलिया जिला का रहने वाला हु! मेरे दीदी का 7 महीने का बच्चा हैँ, उसके दिल की धड़कन बहुत तेज चलती थी, Doctor से जांच कराने के बाद पता चला उसके दिल मे छेद हैँ 😔 हम लोगो के पास उतने पैसे नही हैँ, कि Operations करा सके 😔 please 🙏🙏 आप हमारी मदद कीजिये!! Con. No. – 7617887523


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