The scientific education is going in the wrong way. Take a bit of time to understand what Scientific Thinking really means!

In the times of ‘rush and proofs’, have we ever gone deep enough to understand what science really is? I doubt, as only a few will raise their hands on asking this question. I am really disturbed about the fact that a subject like mathematics or physics, which being so deep in the meaning, are …

Colonizing the Planet Mars – A Poem

The Martian surface completely red, craters & mountains filled with sand grains The rover & team all got into the pods, the research has begun to transport humans aboard New centers being built designs of the structures in place, a colony to be developed  is the idea behind this mission It's so lonely down here …

Scientist & His Thought – A Poem

A scientist is engrossed at the behavior of nature There is a thought which  troubles him at this juncture He advances to realize everything is made of matter The tiniest particles are that govern being broken finds there's an emptiness a nothingness which means we are mere illusion!

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