I am a Bird – A Poem

I am a bird a mother of four built my nest to keep them secure As I flew today to fetch some food, it was impossible  due to the tower as signals started to shoot The pollution levels  have drastically risen, for both humans & us the situation has worsened I have seen deaths of …

Zoo Filled with Animals – A Poem

The roses bloomed the lotuses casteled the zoo filled with animals So many songs of the chirping birds came to know about the injured elephant All caged, some eager to get out as I sat on a bench just staring people came, fed and went lonely as the animals became A tiger roared, everyone shocked …

The Unique Bird – A Poem

As I glanced, a trail appeared I left and saw a chirping bird The green and blue imprinted a pattern as it came near me and saw away Its beautiful colors were remarkably bright a slight shade of red covered its wings as it flew with grace being just unique!

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