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Revisiting The Martian!

The Martian is a brilliant adaptation of author Andy Weir’s novel. 

While I remember watching one of the talks by Andy Weir, the amount of research done in making the book as scientifically accurate as possible, is truly phenomenal. All those little details in the movie do justice to the book.

The only ‘unscientific’ aspect of the movie according to an article by NASA is the intensity of the Dust Storm which is responsible for Mark Watney being stranded alone on Mars. Since the Martian atmosphere is thin i.e very very less dense, about 1 percent as dense as earth’s atmosphere, the storms actually top at around 60 miles an hour, thus reducing the intensity to blow things away in comparison to Earth, though they could cover gigantic distances at a stretch.

It’s inspiring & includes almost all those elements a great film should contain. The cast is superb, yes, but those magnificent visuals as the rocket peeps brainstorm for solutions for the man left behind, the score, the perfectly fitting 70s and 80s songs, dialogues & Drew Goddard’s overall balanced writing creates a complete package.

6 years gone by as I remember being awestruck watching The Martian in the theatres. This is hands down one of my favorite sci-fi films till date. So much space stuff & nations coming together for an astronaut in the end, is just cool anyways!

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