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Top 5 Quotes on Life & Living for Today!

1. We all have to fight against the corporations and entities destroying the environment. That’s the war of the 21st Century and it’s urgent that we all at least support those who have already started the fight.

2. Motivation is temporary while inspiration is long lasting. Try inspiring yourself than motivating to actually find meaning to accomplish the goals.

3. You are not born to prove yourself or your worth to the world. You have to understand this and stop counting yourself as less than the others since this will only rob you off of your true identity and potential to explore freely and become who you truly are.

4. Can we win against the destructive power of nature? No, we just cannot. Can we respect and preserve its components which are essential for our survival and that of the other species? Yes we can. It’s just that, we have to make our priorities clear as a species to act and live our lives in-sync with nature.

5. Our potential as a species is huge. We should not just get occupied with unnecessary work which is not only destroying the planet but also making our lives miserable.

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