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The Noun Project : A resource to get quality Icons & Images for your blog or website

  • The Noun Project founded by Sofya Polyakov and Edward Boatman, is a huge collection of best icons and quality images for bloggers, designers and content creators in general.
  • The website has over 3 million icons for your design projects where each icon is professionally curated for quality, diversity and inclusion.
  • The community of photographers is huge which has contributed high quality and authentic images for each categories to choose from for your project.
  • You can easily create a free account and download the icons in PNG/SVG format or with a paid plan, you can customize the icons and download the higher resolution images.
  • As far as the photos are concerned, they have been made available to be downloaded for free under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) which allows you to use the them for noncommercial purposes, without creating derivatives, as long as you provide attribution to the photographer.

Website Link : Noun Project

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