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Tope 5 Quotes on World Issues for Today!

1. Education should be free for all. It’s a fundamental right as a human being and should not be kept out of the realm of political discussions since this will mean millions of children will have to struggle to come out of poverty.

2. New economic models are now required to equally distribute the resources and reduce consumption levels considerably. Their need is now more than at any time in history due to the exponential rise in population.

3. We really need to give a thought as to how our startups are run today. There’s a huge gap between what is really needed to be done at that level and what’s being actually done in the name of innovation and getting VC funding. If impact is what we really care about, we need to change this scenario as soon as possible.

4. It’s high time that the Nations must come together to solve the global problems. We just cannot afford to keep hating and backstabbing each other when we are on the brink of a climate catastrophe.

5. The mental health pandemic is real. Healthcare infrastructures should be improved and made accessible for all so that it is addressed and taken care of, even in the remotest parts of the world.

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