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Top 5 Quotes on Life & Spirituality for Today!

1. At times, expressing your feelings, thoughts and emotions to someone can help feel relaxed and light. You don’t have to keep everything to yourself since that could only damage the internal balance. Share your feelings and support others to do the same. 

2. The game of nature doesn’t involve justice. Either you can feel that life is unfair or you can step out a little from this cycle and try to understand the truth as it is. Observation and a sense of desperation from within to know are enough to set you onto the right path.

3. For all of us who have the necessary resources, it becomes our duty to support the weak and uplift them from their precarious situations. This is the only way we can form a society of true equity otherwise nobody will be able to save this world from going insane.

4. Life is not easy for anyone on this planet. Our bodies are like a cage where our consciousness seeks the soul and its ultimate truth. This friction, this pull from both worlds causes the constant instability within which can only be healed by doing the right kind of spiritual practice and consuming the right kind of material.

5. With all this advancement, we are still there where we were a thousand years ago. The same internal conflicts, the same mind’s chattering, the same fears and the same habits bestowed upon by nature (Prakriti). The external can give us immense bodily comforts but only intelligence, understanding and constant right questioning can lead us out from this daily suffering.

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