Difference between Marketing and Selling : Business basics (Tabular Form)

We use the terms marketing and selling quite interchangeably but in the business terms, they mean different and have their own specific purposes. Understanding the major differences is important to distinguish the marketing and selling strategies in any business setting.

Parameter MarketingSelling
MeaningMarketing is a process which is directed at satisfaction of
consumer needs and wants.
Selling is the process which directs flow of goods from producers to sellers.
Starting PointStarts with the buyer and focuses on the needs of the buyer.The process starts with sellers and focusses on the needs of the seller.
ObjectivesAims at producing profits by meeting the customer needs.Aims at producing profits through increasing the sales volume.
ViewMarketing views business as customer satisfying process.Selling views business as goods producing process.
NeedsMarketing deals with the needs of the buyer.Selling fundamentally deals with the needs of seller or producer.
Price DeterminationHere, the customers determine the price and then the price determines the cost.Here, cost determines price.
EmphasisMaximum emphasis is given to satisfy customer needs and wants.Maximum emphasis is on selling materials/products.
Nature of ManagementTaking care of stakeholders and profit maximization through the process.Sales volume oriented.
ApplicationMarketing concept exists in a buyers market where competition is high and innovation can happen.In selling, the concept works for the sellers market.

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