Top 6 Quotes on Life and Living for Today!

1. Do not regret for long. This life of yours is not to prove and keep impressing people around. There are dimensions way beyond the physical which you can experience if you are willing to go through the right kind of spiritual process.

2. Does economic progress mean destroying the existing biodiversity and risking our lives for the short term gains? The ones in power are just ignoring and are adding fuel to the fire since they aim to hoard as much resources as they can.

3. The more you consume, the more you become happier is just not true. You need to deicide where to stop since that is the true sign of intelligence in today’s consumption centric world.

4. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what is the right kind of life. But our saints and sages have given a few guidelines as to how life can be lived joyfully. Reading, understanding and practicing those guidelines will help you go a long way.

5. Know and understand a thing fully than dreaming and imagining about it. This will help keep your expectations realistic and many a times, you shall be saved from the trouble of the mere falseness a situation has to offer.

6. Emptiness is so underrated. Just sitting with the eyes closed and listening to the environment doing nothing has its own beauty which is realized by very few since we are habitual to the constant noise and the mind’s chatter.

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