What is Public Relations? How non-profit organizations can use PR as a tool to expand their reach!

Public Relations professionals help a business/individual cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid or earned communication channels including traditional media, social media, and in person engagements. They also help clients plan proper Public Relations strategies to defend reputation during a situation of crisis.

Thus, PR is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public.

Public Relations plays a very important role in terms of supporting the non-profits and their ventures. Since many nonprofits have less to zero budgets, limited resources and minimum staff where, right PR efforts can help spread the word which can ultimately support to :

1. Expand the reach :

PR not only helps in maintaining relations with the current supporters/volunteers but also finds new ways of growing the supporter networks. This is crucial for any nonprofit since without strong supporters, funds can’t be raised, manpower cannot be increased and missions can’t be completed.

2. Increase funding :

A good PR campaign can help raise huge amount of donations starting from little. It’s a step-by-step, indirect process and has to be carefully executed by understanding the right communication channels and highlighting the message to be conveyed.

In short, donors need to feel confident that their donations/contributions are reaching the right purpose and are making the necessary difference. Inclusion plays a very important role here.

3. Develop a community :

Developing a community of like-minded supporters and volunteers around the cause makes a huge difference to propagate the movement forward and gather the necessary support. Today, social media plays a huge role to develop such communities where discussions, alerts, updates, and action plans happen round the clock which makes sure that, the movement is constantly running.

4. Inspire partnerships :

Partnerships with the right individuals and organizations can take the purpose even further since they make sure that the resources are directly reaching and being utilized for the cause. Right partnerships can help expand the circle beyond donors and volunteers which means, the scope of reach widens since this is what is necessary for any nonprofit organization.

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