The 3 major objectives of Marketing : Explained in brief!

The basic objective of marketing lies in the satisfaction of human wants at a reasonable profit to the company.

Marketing has three major objectives :

1. Objective of customer satisfaction :

This involves pointing the needs of customers who can be present or potential. Creating time, place and possession utilities in the form of goods and services to satisfy the human wants.

2. Objective of reasonable profit to the company :

To carry out the right kind of research activities and to ensure that the production of need based products is happening at scale. This objective also involves making the right kind of goods available at the right time, in the right place, in right quantities and at a right price which ultimately should lead to satisfied customers so as to ensure that they remain loyal towards the company and its offerings.

3. Objective of social good :

To create consciousness in customers about those needs, the satisfaction of which will give a benefit to the society. Right marketing efforts can impact a lot of people and make their lives easier and purpose driven. Also, to widely publicize and promote social causes, marketing campaigns are strategically created.

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