Top 5 Quotes on Life & Living for Today!

1. It’s very rare that someone wants to know the truths of life and living cause there is a fear that this comfortable world of thoughts, falseness and imagination will somehow get destroyed in the process of seeking the truth.

2. The whole world as we see is trapped in its own desires, wishes and dreams. But when some force offers an opportunity to set free, at that point in time, people choose addictions to hide their insecurities & desires.

3. Pain at times could help us explore more because of the necessity required to heal. Thousands have risen from extreme pain & have succeeded in performing some of the most difficult activities.

4. Music or any kind of art for that matter, could really help you connect more with yourself. The level of dedication required translates into an experience which forms a bridge between the activity & calms your inner tendencies.

5. Nature is really powerful. Underestimating its abilities & dreaming about a better world will not help us for long. It’s our duty as an intelligent species to actually protect & help conserve the other entities of life on this planet.

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