Top 5 Quotes on Life & Spirituality for Today!

1. Spreading lies denotes deep insecurity and fear whereas spreading truth resembles the acts of courage, compassion and true unconditional love.

2. Fear & Greed often are the two sides of the same coin. With the greed to gain control over anything or anyone comes fear of losing it as well. Leave all the greed and see how fear vanishes. Having realistic expectations is the only way out in this situation.

3. Everyone covers their inner and original selves with smiling masks on it. If they shall ever get to know the path towards liberation, all these masks will automatically fall off.

4. Everyone’s goal is not to set themselves free cause there is a luxury to live in the bondages of desire and falseness our minds create.

5. People as caretakers can be found at every junctures of our lives who teach us the duties of caretaking but, there are very few true unconditional lovers who really help us in the process of ultimate liberation.

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