Top 5 Quotes on Life & Spirituality for today!

1. Man’s inner nature is not to seek security rather it is to approach freedom from all the possible bondages of life.

2. Comparison and jealousy are acts of the foolish. The inner element called as ego is the one whom you are fulfilling if you are comparing yourselves with others. Your job is to liberate yourself from this ego centric tendency.

3. Leaving behind all of our tendencies, attitudes, though processes and beliefs requires immense work. Once we realize that we are not all these components, the process towards liberation begins.

4. Soul of a song lies in the lyrics and not the composition. Composition is just like the external play of emotions which we all exhibit but does not signify the central piece of our existence which is much beyond mere thoughts, feelings and emotions.

5. Your job is to focus on the game. Imagining about the outcome is just an illusion of security for your ego.

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