Top 7 Quotes on Life & Business for Today!

1. To find the truth, you have to ask the right questions, for the ultimate truth is not easy to be found. Keep questioning & exploring yourself and one day you shall reach the truth.

2. The most powerful weapon in a salesperson’s arsenal is his ability to connect with people on a personal level.

3. To succeed in the world of business, one has to understand the game inside out. One has to work on every aspect of a business to really scale and make it successful.

4. Business is a great social machine that allows you to make some valuable connections while at the same time expand your horizons and build wealth.

5. According to my observations, our moms are already great entrepreneurs. They have good ideas for our school projects, they can plan ahead of time and can pretty much multitask.

6. Millions around the world have ideas but those who execute are the ones who make the difference. Execution with proper & calculated approach is what matters in the business world.

7. Never just see the successful. Setting off to become an entrepreneur while leaving your 9-5 job could be the worst mistake you can make cause after all, it’s absolutely necessary to study the huge pile of failures as well which is the other side of the coin often not considered. Therefore, test the waters before you jump in.

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