Top 5 Quotes on Life & Living for Today!

1. Life can be very frustrating if things are not happening the way we want. Being alone and giving a little bit of a thought can help us open up to new ideas.

2. At times its fine to not know about the direction your life is heading towards. Just keep working on what’s in front of you and one day you will understand about the path to be followed.

3. The truth that we all are mortal is enough to understand the fact that we all have limited time and in that, we have to live our life to its full potential.

4. The only way one can describe the beauty of life is to appreciate the beauty of a person who is being true to his own nature and personality, who is trying to do good and be of value to others, and who in the end, is not afraid to give up on everything to achieve the higher dimensions of life.

5. Life is such that, you cannot fulfill the expectations of even one person including yourself. So why to endlessly run around like a fool trapped in the cage of expectations?

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