The Ghost in the Farms – A Poem

As we all sat near the fire
winds gushed with a loud thud
there was silence all around

Playing some games
gossiping about the days,
we just gazed the night sky
as we planned for the next day

Suddenly there was a sound
deeper than we had ever heard
thought could be an animal
but there was a shadow 
as someone passed through the farms

Everyone got scared
a tall guy raised voice, asked
“Hey , who's there?”
the shadow receded a bit
stormed besides us 
we all collected at our tents!

Suddenly all went silent
even the winds stopped now,
We went to sleep
guarding the territory
from this unknown species

Incident was so creepy
we asked the locals
they too had a similar experience
but none could explain
as we decided to go up instead!

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