Every Field has its own Dimensions – A Poem

Human capabilities so strong
Some become poets, while some astronauts

Every field has its own dimensions 
these capabilities reveal 
their true meanings

A poet juggles thoughts
to describe an incident,
range of emotions painted 
with words & stanzas!

An author delves deep
into shaping a story
or educate through
a journey of imagination

Musician runs a shop
of a common language
going beyond barriers,
as he soothes us
with his instruments!

A scientist plays with mind
to structure & find
the cause & effect from
the algorithms of nature!

An astronomer looks up
wonders & questions
about the cosmic secrets,
his curiosity just never ends!

A doctor heals with his hands
as the patient suffers through pain
his knowledge relieve so many

A sportsperson runs
his muscles shine
as he hits the ball hard
with his long strides

An actor entertains
the crowd goes gaga
his craft in his film
Is what makes him famous!

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