Ghajini : Bollywood’s one of the best Psychological thrillers!

Here I will be stating my opinion about the Hindi version of Ghajini.

With Aamir Khan and Asin in the lead roles, Ghajini is a dark and psychologically thrilling piece of art to watch. This revenge drama is very beautifully crafted where you are constantly made to jump from one emotion to the another.

The pure love story between the two characters of Sanjay Singhania (a very loving, wise and caring businessman) and Kalpana (a child at heart, passionate and altruistic person) depict a range of emotions with a blend of some memorable songs such as Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi. Amidst this fictional drama, there lies a true love story which is beautifully captured by this heart-touching and deep song as Sanjay wants to win her love being an ordinary person and Kalpana trusts him blindly and helps him with some money for his mother without even knowing the truth about him.

With brilliant performances by both lead actors, we just cannot sideline the terrific work by Pradeep Rawat who has played the monstrous villain in the film. His powerful and dark character actually wins in the end cause the impact when the film ends, still haunts us and remains within, as we remember how brutal the murder of Kalpana was.

Kalpana never comes to know the reality of Sanjay Singhania till the end and this fact becomes hard to digest as an audience. Even the revenge cannot make up for the loss which Sanjay had to suffer. I really wish there was some kind of an alternate ending but this will completely destroy the purpose of the revenge in itself.

The audiences reaction made it the first 100 crore Bollywood movie.

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