Dark : Discussing the Scientific and Spiritual aspects of one of the Best Sci-Fi TV shows ever! [No Spoilers]

We all have that fascination for time travel and one of the key reasons is that we are bounded by Time and its rigorous nature. Our body and mind functions as an aspect of time. One can also say that, Time is the ultimate bondage we have and we are its slaves forever till our last breath.

Time is something which grabs everyone’s attention cause its what we all revolve around. However the wealthy and powerful a person or politician you be, however popular a superstar you be, however wise and intelligent you be, time as a fundamental entity works the same for all. Its cyclical nature is what traps us all since the moment we are born. Our birth, existence and death are all governed by Time and its peculiar nature. It gives us a sense of who we are thus we can say that Ego exists in time, rather time is something which fuels it cause we tend to relate to things around us because of time which is the basic nature of Human Beings. The space and time co-existence results in the nature and its tendencies thus giving rise to constant patterns which we have always been curious to know and study about.

We all imagine of visiting to our past selves to enjoy that period with our friends and family, or make a few things right, bet on a sporting event as was said by Scott Lang (don’t wish to go into those details) but you got the point. There’s a hope that we can just produce a Time Machine, hop into it and change whatever we wished to change from our pasts or maybe, you know, view our future selves and give some tips.

Trust me its not that simple, rather its not at all simple. Time travel as a concept seems exciting but ‘Dark’ takes us on a journey which we never would have imagined. It shows a very important perspective called as ’cause and effect’ and discusses in-depth about the fact that how merely jumping into the past will not help prevent whatever you did in your past. It must and will have its own set of consequences. And this is surely scary! Whatever decisions we have taken in the past had a cause and effect relationship and if we’ll try to alter those, it will create a new outcome in that specific time period. This is called as branching of multiple realities which is very accurately depicted in the show.

Dark is not just about Time Travel, it goes many layers beyond that to explain the meta-physical elements of our existence. It also discusses concepts such as Dark Matter, Black Holes, Wormholes, Parallel Universes, Schroedingers Cat, Wave-particle duality, Quantum Entanglement, God Particle, Bootsrap Paradox and many more. It goes a step further than any other time-travel related film or TV show to explain us that how our desires and the very central tendencies will only make the situation worse if we ever travel back in time.

The most intriguing thing about Dark is that it is closely related and touches upon aspects of spirituality and I would rather say, the scientific aspects hold onto the greater meaning of the cycles of birth and death which we all as human beings have the ultimate goal to be liberated from. The Upanishads, which represent the spiritual core of Hinduism, have explained us about these cycles and talk about ‘Mukti’ (Liberation) and that how at every moment of our lives we have a choice to either set ourselves free or get trapped by ‘Maya’, the illusions of the world. These choices arise everytime we have an option to make the decision between choosing freedom or bondage and this is termed as the ‘Birth and Death cycle’.

Gautham the Buddha has given us the vast ocean of knowledge about true nature of our minds and the nature which governs itself. He has explained us through his teachings about time, space and how we as humans suffer between the realities and fictions and never really approach the path to total liberation. We constantly hold onto our pasts, expect that we shall attain freedom from our bondages in the future because of our actions and never really are in what is called as the present. The regrets, fears and sorrows are inevitable realities of mankind and thus one must get into the deeper layers of understanding of oneself which Buddha helped us all realize.

Dark has offered a very broad view of what a mess it would be to have a time machine but then the subtleties about existence, laws which govern nature and the nature itself makes this one of the most realistic shows of all time!

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