Aamir Khan : What qualities of his makes him such a successful Bollywood star?

Aamir Khan the Mr. Perfectionist as we know him, is one of the finest actors and producers Bollywood could have ever wished for. Here are a few points as to why exactly he is an artist with such a depth:

He is a scientist of the films world. He thinks and researches a lot over a certain topic which is going to be depicted through his art form

His choice of scripts, the cast, songs and all the pre-production to post-production detailing is decided early on by him

He is very unique as far as the film making approach is considered. Very analytical and organized with the approach.

His focus is more on content than on marketing. No over-advertising/ marketing strategies are used by him since he knows that if the film is good people will come to watch the movie.

He clearly distinguishes between commercial and message driven cinema and thus calculates the reach accordingly.

Versatile and a method actor to the point that he completely transforms himself both mentally and physically for the role he does. Lagaan (cricketer), Fannah (a lover), Tare Zameen Par (a school teacher), Ghajini, 3 Idiots (20 year old student), Pk (alien) and Dangal (father of four girls).

He doesn’t take direct fees rather earns through the profits made by the film since he feels that, if he deserves, he shall eventually earn from his work.

There are very few people in the industry who can deliver under huge pressure of performing better everytime with the new film in line, which he has proved by bringing something new everytime he came on screen.

He is an experimenter and isn’t shy of admitting which of his movies were purely experiment based.

He is a quick learner and a very good listener. He had his share of failures when he entered the industry and he has constantly learnt from them and made the necessary changes which were soon reflected in the films which he made.

He never shows off nor does he need any kind of awards which the industry gives cause he knows that his work and the aligned honesty and dedication towards it are enough to make him what he is.

Lastly, due to this attitude of his towards his work, he is a record maker who has consistently delivered then be it making first 100cr, 200cr, 300cr, or 500cr at the box-office.

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