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Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli’s inspiring journey and what we all can learn!

Inspiration is something which we all long for. Thus, I would like to share with you a very inspiring interview of Virat Kohli with Boria Majumdar for India Today. 

His journey from looking at the mirror after an IPL match in 2012, as he realized how unfit he really was for the game, till today when he has reached the pinnacle of his game is surely an overwhelming one. We all wonder how Virat Kohli can manage to take a double on the field when opportunity strikes or how he has changed the overall fitness scenario of the Indian Cricket Team which surely has reflected in the previous games since the demands have risen considering the number of games and variety of formats the team has to play.

The answer lies in the mind-body coordination which is developed with immense practice, patience and dedication. He has become a complete vegetarian and the diet which he follows is very much strict. Also he found his guru in his fitness coach, Mr. Basu Shanker and followed all the rigorous guidelines which were designed to make the cricketer inside him, explore and work to its full potential!

Along with the fitness mantra, he shared some insights into what he thought about the ‘2019 World Cup’ loss and how your intention, hardwork and willingness to walk on the right path are the only factors which are in your control, be it in a game or life in general. Kohli has also shared some of the personal aspects which were sensationalized by the media and openly spoke about how stuff can quickly spread into something which is not verified and just gossiped about – a fault with the tabloid world we all live in today.

Source: India Today

7 Replies to “Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli’s inspiring journey and what we all can learn!”

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